Dry Bulk Vetting

To provide and empower ship managers / owners / terminal operators and all those involved in the vetting process with a greater knowledge and additional skill sets to make properly informed decisions applicable to vessel vetting.



According to the OECD the percentage of sub-standard ships in the world commercial fleet is estimated to be between 10-15%.
The industry solution to this problem is represented by the vetting inspections which are performed on different types of vessels among them the bulk carriers.
The vetting inspections create a strong commercial incentive for the ship owner to comply to the vetting inspection requirements since the outcome of these inspections will determine if the ship gets cargo or not.

As a decision maker, don’t risk your employees, your cargo, your port operations, your customer relationships or your reputation by using a substandard ship that is why understanding the various aspects of the vetting process is of paramount importance for all vessel operators to turn current constraints into business opportunities.

On this course you will learn how to use the RightShip which provides a comprehensive vetting tool for ships transporting dry bulk and help you to manage your risk. Vetting inspections, observations and findings are analysed to give the traines, both onboard and ashore, the tools to prepare and proactively respond to the various issues related to vetting controls.