Shipbroking & Chartered Vessel Operations


The objective of the Advanced Diploma Course in Chartering and Ship Brokingis to enable participants to better negotiate charter parties, have insight to make strategic decisions on chartering and to be at an advantage when negotiating chartering contracts.
The course will provide the students with a comprehensive sketch of the concepts, principles and practice which underpin the commercial employment of ships under charter arrangements. On completing the course, the knowledge and expertise gained will help the participants to reach senior management positions in leading companies within the industry and to be recognized as ‘Chartering experts’ among their peers.


Shipping may sound like an easy business, but in reality, it is a highly complex industry with several factors that can create massive peak to trough movements in stock prices. The rapid rise then fall of the freight markets have exposed owners, disponent owners and charterers to hire payment defaults in the charter party chain. One of the most important factors is the chartering strategy for a given company which explain why chartering has a very prominent place in the shipping industry and plays an important role in world trade.
This course involves comprehending, analysing and evaluating the processes and practices which bring shipowners and cargo owners together in a contractual relationship for carrying cargo. These processes are extremely broad and brings about relationships with a variety of people with varying levels of experience from the many different aspects of shipping.
As you will see from the course outline, these many aspects of chartering are presented in a logical format, you will examines the roles of ship owner, Charterer, Broker and Institutions and their activities and then followed by detailed study of the documents and practice of chartering in the world’s markets.
It is the intention of this course to extend the student’s knowledge and understanding of the chartering field and make you a ‘Master’ in chartering ships for special transportation requirement of projects or business operational needs in international shipping logistics and ocean freight.