Ship Chartering & Shipbroking


The Advanced Diploma in Shipping Management is accredited by the International Association of Marine and shipping professionals and is designed to develop professionals equipped with the skills, knowledge and expertise required for a successful career in the demanding and highly competitive world of Shipping.


What’s it like working as a Ship Charterer? As the controllers of cargoes, charterers are directly responsible for keeping the world’s shipping fleet in business. While some Charterers own ships themselves, either on a leased or permanent basis, most charterers regularly hire ships, or space on ships, to move their goods, products and even passengers.

Ship Charterers either liaise with intermediaries, known as Ship Brokers, or directly with ship owners to arrange the hire or charter of ships to get those cargoes to their clients by the most cost-effective and timely means. Ship Charterers therefore need to be in touch with the market to find the most suitable and cost effective transport options, you will have the chance to have a general idea about this and more in this training course.